About Us

Warmrails is the nation's leading national brand of affordable towel warmers. It was started in 1999 when two native New Zealanders came to the United States and were shocked that their new house did not have a towel warmer. In search of a local retailer to outfit their home with this standard European luxury, they could not find any, and ultimately realized what they once considered a traditional home appliance was not commonly heard of in the United States.

It was then that Warmrails was created. Now offering a variety of towel warms in five different styles, the product is designed to meet consumers' needs in luxury and performance, all at an affordable price.

Most recently, Warmrails has turned their attention to innovative wall-mounted designs that provide superior performance even with limited floor space.

The Warmrails towel warmers are extremely environmentally friendly and are designed to run safely and efficiently 24-hours a day. In fact, they use less energy than a light bulb!